Businesses that care about people and the planet have to help each other. We’re part of a Collective change.

Through Community & Collaboration

Welcome To The Co-Impact Collective

About The Co-Impact Collective

The Co-Impact Collective is a place created to gather the people, information, and action it takes to make real impact in the world.

Our Mission

“Going it Alone” isn’t sustainable anymore. If we are going to change the world, we need to band together and walk our journeys side-by-side towards a more equitable and sustainable future.

That’s why our mission is to encourage collaboration between ecopreneurs, sustainable business leaders, and mission-minded founders who want to inspire each other and take action for sustainable change.

The Co-Impact Team

Your new collective is owned and operated by the founders of two lady-led marketing agencies dedicated to helping impact-brands grow.

Erika Rodriguez

Founder of Nadi Marketing

Nadi Marketing grows conscious businesses through intentional marketing and the power of partnerships so that their visions for positive change continue to be sustainable.

Courtney Hume & Aub Wallace

Co-Founders of Dandelion Branding

Dandelion helps impact brands flourish by implementing sustainable marketing systems that are more effective, easily manageable, and friendlier to the planet.


The Mission-Minded Entrepreneur

The value of a collective lies in the impact we create together. To make our mission a reality, we need to give a voice to all of our members so you can co-create the collective together.