A community-first cooperative for ecopreneurs, sustainable business leaders, and mission-minded founders dedicated to making waves in their industry.

Rub elbows with experts, share resources for resilience, and build symbiotic partnerships in solidarity for all things sustainability.

Creating Impact Together

We believe that running a sustainable business was never meant to be done alone.

Our community-first approach to business growth prioritizes authentic connections, sustainable collaborations, and aligned partnerships between our members.

The Co-Impact Collective is more than an online chat group. It’s a place tailored to aggregate the information and action it takes to make real impact in the world.

It’s our intention to build with you, not for you, so you get what you want from the collective. A team for beach clean up? A meet up in a new city? Advice on your latest campaign? A panel of experts on your latest curiosity?

Let’s make it happen.

More Than a Platform - The Co-Impact Collective Stands For


Surround yourself with people who inspire you.
Who share your interests and spend their days making a positive impact throughout the world.


Share your insights with other business owners.
Co-create events and a resource library that every purpose-focused founder can grow with.


Shape a more resilient future together.
Use the collective to find business opportunities and collaborations that help your impact grow.

Who Are You?

You are a realist, looking at the state of the world - seeing the trainwreck barrelling towards you.
And you’re standing on the tracks, using a careful concoction of hope, education, and action to stay active in your mission to leave this planet better than you found her.

This version of you signs into the Co-Impact Collective and shares a hit of dopamine-infused confidence.
Because this version of you knows that some days are challenging.

Because sometimes you ARE lonely. And sometimes you ARE tired. And sometimes you wish there was a manual for ‘navigating the end of the world as we know it.’
Those are the days you need the Co-Impact Collective to remind you that you’re supported, and the vision you have for a safe, equitable future is a shared vision.

What Members Get Access To

Our official membership launch is June of 2024 - and until then, we’re busy building out member benefits. Because we’re a collective, and not just a moderated online community, we’re finding that the sky’s the limit with the plans folks have shared so far. Here’s what we’re launching with.

1. The Community Platform

Enjoy a distraction-free space (e.g., not another FB group) that encourages business growth, professional development, connection, collaboration, partnership.

2. Co-Learnings

We’re busy setting up monthly workshops and AMAs with topic experts and quarterly panels with industry experts.

3. Co-Workings

Our co-working times use the Pomodoro method to help you get those back-burner projects done and celebrate it with others!

4. Co-Blog

You can share your own brand content on the Co-Impact Collective website - get backlinks to improve domain authority, plus a spot in a monthly email and on our socials!

We've got more in the works (yes, they all have co-words) - and we're VERY excited to see what ideas you'll bring with you!

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